Pizzaria Paradiso - Superior Pizza in Washington DC

P St and Dupont Circle, Washington DC

Just off Massachusetts Avenue, DC's famous Embassy Row, and just around the corner from Riggs National Bank is Pizzaria Paradiso, a real welcome find. This first floor converted town house is just one block S of Dupont Circle Metro station.

Pizzas aren't supposed to be this good outside Chicago. But Pizzaria Paradiso do a superb job of challenging that expectation. Their Pizzas are hand made with the freshest of ingredients in the wood burning oven, that rises like a silo out of the floor and buried into the wall. Make a point of asking for the Mortadella sausage.

From your seat in the retaurant you can see the chefs spinning the pizza bases while, if you glance up, you can admire the bright blue N American sky.

Wally Robertson, August 1998

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