MAXjet Offers a New Way to Fly to England

MAXjet's Undisputably All First Class

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I have discovered a new way to fly from the USA to England, and although you have to catch the MAXjet plane in New York, it is still preferable to the normal 12 hour non- stop flight from the West Coast. At first it seemed a drawback the plane flies into Stanstead Airport in Essex, "quite a trek from Central London", but the way Heathrow Airport is these days, it seemed a reasonable compromise.

However, once I got there I realised trains to Liverpool Street take just 45 minutes - the same as from Heathrow!! Furthermore, with great connections to the Midlands and the North of England, it's more convenient than Heathrow, if Northbound. Immigration and Customs is a piece of cake when you arrive in the UK compared to the alternatives. The price is also very affordable starting around $1500 for the return trip (taxes and fees included), and the Boeing 767s carry just 102 seats with a 60-inch pitch that recline almost flat.

MAXjet only has business class, MAXjet's All First Class so the moment you relax in the Korean Airlines private lounge before boarding the plane, you know the flight should be plain sailing. There are six weekly flights from New York leaving at 8:15 pm arriving at Stanstead in the early morning, and the return flight leaves from Stanstead at the convenient time of 11:45 am, getting you into New York in the afternoon. They also fly four flights a week from Washington DC, and have just started two flights a week from Las Vegas - great for us Californians. On average, the flights have been running at 72% capacity, respectable figures for a brand new airline.

Immediately you board the aircraft and settle down in the large leather seats with an acre of leg room, the service begins with hot towels, champagne cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, canapés and premium drinks. There is a choice of three four course gourmet meals, but on my flight the Wok Seared Chicken Breast had already been sold out by the time the hostess got around to me, and the flight was only half full. Instead I settled for the Pan Seared Halibut Filet with Mango Mojo Sauce, rice pilaf and angel hair vegetables. They also provide a useful travel bag that has toothpaste and brush, eye mask and more, and the in-flight entertainment.

After dinner liqueur goodies include cognac, Drambuie, Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, Sambuca and Amaretto. All these are complimentary throughout the flight, and entertainment is provided by your own personal entertainment unit called the digEplayer that features more than a dozen current and recent movies, television shows and music. After dinner wines come from Austria, Spain, California and Western Australia, and you can even round off your meal with an after dinner Port.

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Mike Hepworth September 2006
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