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Update: 19 Dec 2005.

Sir Elton John had his stag party at Too2Much together with guests Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Liz Hurley, Bryan Adams, Cilla Black and Sir Tim Rice. This venue really is achieving its stated mission to become the country's premier gay/heterosexual venue.

For me, the whole experience was somewhat eclectic. We arrived at Too2Much for the launch party on a weekday evening. The weather was fine and the sun just setting as we entered the venue formerly known as the Paul Raymond Revue Bar.

Too2Much replaces Paul Raymond Revue Bar I'd always wanted to go to the Revue Bar, having heard of it's fame when living in Germany, and wanting it's fun after moving to London. But somehow it never was to be.

But - several years later serendipity plays a hand. I read about the Revue Bar's closure in the Times one week. I was sad. I had missed yet another special experience - never to be available again. Then ...

Several weeks later what turns up but an invitation to the phoenix of this famous and exalted establishment. Too2Much was just about to open. Well I had no choice - go East to London my heart told me.

We arrived at the club around 7pm, were greeted at the door and shown upstairs to the show bar. The decorations were sumptuous, with red leather seats rising from the stage up to the bar. This theme of red is all over and the cocktails are innovative.

The girl I'd invited to join me let me down - all too common these days. So at the last minute I invited a guy Les, a business associate to come along with me. I really did not know the theme of the club at the time. So on arrival, you can imagine my predicament. "Oops Les, it's a gay venue. Is that OK with you?". Staunch fellow that he is, Les let me off the hook.

The new owners of this wonderful venue that spans the street below have elected to create the country's premier gay venue while appealing to a heterosexual audience too. That may be a challenge, but in todays's society is a perfect attitude that might just work really well.

As we watched the various activities around us and chatted to some really interesting people, Channel 4 TV arrived to screen the scene. For some reason they never wanted to interview me - nor the ever so shy ex-soldier I'd been talking to, and who was now hiding under the barrier.

We then ventured into the upstairs bar. Though a little crowded, again a very friendly crowd all intent on having a great time.

It would be interesting to take a look at Too2Much on a regular night, as opposed to a launch party. But in my humble opinion they have a great formula for success, a marvelous objective and a lovely venue.

With guests like Sir Elton John, they are certainly bound for success.

Tel: 0207 734 0377
Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus

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Wally Robertson June 2005

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