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57 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QX

Situated in London's busy Haymarket, Jeremy Mogford (founder of Brown's restaurant chain) has his another venture in the restaurant market, Quod. The restaurant is the perfect venue for many occasions such as lunch, pre- and post-theatre dining, a meal on it's own, or even an after work drink and snack.

There are two things that are very deceiving about this restaurant. Firstly, this venue looks small and busy from the entrance. The lively bar masks the size of this restaurant which is huge. So make sure you do go in and ask for a table, you really won't be sorry! Secondly, do not be put off by my 'pre-theatre' comment, above. We know that some pre or post theatre restaurants sacrifice quality to accommodate quick meals on the way to the theatre or to get in extra sittings. But, while Quod is perfectly situated in Haymarket, within walking distance of many of London's theatres, no such sacrifices are made.

The menu create by executive chef, Albert Brunelli, is Italian based, with a wide variety of dishes, all at very reasonable prices. There is also an excellent range of pasta, pizzas and burgers. Though not sampled by us on this visit, they looked cooked to perfection.

My wife accompanied me for this review. A baby sitter safely installed at home with Joseph, we looked forward to an interesting evening. Angela opted for the Bruschetta Mediterranea, this was beautifully presented, on the crisp and crunchy Bruschetta was placed a mix of tomatoes, and garlic, olives, basil and olive oil that tasted as good as it looked. I opted for the Balsamic Chargrilled Vegetables, which with a mix peppers and other vegetables tasted just like it should when cooked in this manner - and rarely does when I attempt it at home.

The starters were a real treat and setting high expectations for the main courses. I can truly say, hand on heart, that we were not disappointed. Angela, being adventurous, opted for the Slow-roasted Lamb Shank, a dangerous dish that takes some handling. Her adventurous nature lasted until when it was placed in front of her, she exclaimed "oh my god, how can I eat all that?". Her fears were totally unfounded. The shank, filling the plate, was cooked perfectly, the meat just fell away from the bone to present that slightly rosie tint that lamb should have.

Favoring fish (as I have for a month or two), I selected the Monkfish and Speck Salad. This was a simple but very effective dish. of roasted monkfish, wrapped in smoked ham, mixed leaves and tomatoes with a balsamic dressing. It was excellent, the mix of fish and smoked ham being a perfect match.

The puddings were again a real treat. The Chocolate Marble Brownie and vanilla ice cream was a real treat. It did, of course, include calories that I did not need and which have no doubt added to my waistline. I've promised to work this off at the gym later this week.

Angela, more sensibly, opted for the Lemon and Orange sorbets. I would have loved to comment on them in greater detail but Angela displayed a particularly Robertson-like trait, or hoarding. Once reminded that I was writing this review (and thus obligated to try all that was presented) she grudgingly allowed me a minor sample.

The restaurant's décor and menu are very modern with interesting artwork that creates a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. It is the ideal venue for lunch or dinner and perfect for the theatre - without compromising quality. Additionally now having five private rooms which can cater for up to sixty people, this is the perfect town center location, for whatever you have in mind.

In close proximity to a wide range of shops, theaters and museums, Jeremy Mogford's latest venture has to be commended in creating a new and vibrant restaurant that I'm sure will soon become a landmark of quality food and service.

Recent changes to Quod's offerings include half price cocktails and children now eat for free. So now there's even more to enjoy. Quod Restaurant & Bar, Haymarket Tel: 0207 925 1234
Fax: 0207 839 4545

Prices: £20-£30 per person
Children Eat Free!!

Half price cocktails, Mon-Sat, 19:30-21:30

Lunch & Pre-Theater 2-course meals 12:00 to 19:00
Post-theater 2-course meals(22:00 to midnight)

5 Private Dining rooms
Exclusive hire available

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Adam Nelis, August 2001, minor update Jan 2003

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