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10 Basinghall Street, London EC2 5BQ

In the City of London between Bank and Moorgate underground stations you'll find Fuego@CityCircle, the second Fuego restaurant and bar to be opened by Adrian Barbieri. The first being in famous Pudding Lane.

The restaurant is to be found downstairs where there's a large dining area (accommodating up to 200, 44 seated), an area that can be reconfigured for dancing and a horseshoe bar.

For the opening party, the restaurant was configured to tempt people to dance - unfortunately we had to leave before the real fun began, but it looked like it was livening up nicely. With a DJ and a 02:00 license, there’s lots of time enjoy.

The management plan to offer live music and Salsa classes, in addition to their current Soul, Garage, House and 70’s/80’s music.

Samples of the restaurant’s fare were presented as a buffet on a long L shaped arrangement of tables covering two sides of the dance floor.

The samples we tried were quite nice (though a proper dining experience would give us a more qualified opportunity to evaluate the restaurant, its normal level of service and atmosphere. Especially good, were the Chorizo and Polenta sausages, which were very meaty and cooked in a delightful red sauce (we’re told they’re cooked twice to reduce fat and increase flavor - it works!).

Fuego looks like a very promising venue with a rich variety not only of food but also entertainment. Our British readers should make sure you stay in town so you can enjoy its full range of attractions.

Tel: 020 7600 1633
Tube: Bank, Moorgate
Price per head. Tapas: £5-£12, Restaurant: £15-£18

Tapas Hours: Mon-Fri 11:3002:00
Restaurant Hours: Mon-Fri 11:3015:30
Happy hour: Mon-Fri 17:0019:00
Weekends/national holidaysClosed
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Mike Hepworth & Wally Robertson, April, 2001

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